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Piano - 12 steps of Humility by St.Benedict

A Piano Cycle On The Twelve Steps Of Humility By Saint Benedict - Br Kris Kris Oelbrandt Ocso, Opus 30

01.1st Degree: To Fear God
02. 2nd Degree: To Renounce His Own Will
03. 3rd Degree: To Obey The Superior
04. 4th Degree: To Accept Hard Commandments With Patience
05. 5th Degree; To Accept Hard Commandments With Patience
06. 6th Degree: To Be Content With The Least
07. 7th Degree: Tp Believe To Be The Lowest Of Men
08. 8th Degree: To Live Only By The Rule And The Exemple Of His Elders
09. 9th Degree: To Withhold His Tongue From Speaking
10. 10th Degree: To Be Not Easily Moved To Laughter
11. 11th Degree: To Speak Gently And Without Laughter
12. 12th Degree: To Let Appear His Humility In His Whole Exterior

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